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Serving 10 million customers every day

and providing solutions for businesses accross the world

We provide transport fuel to around 10 million customers each day through our 45,000 service stations worldwide. We are working to deliver cleaner burning and more efficient fuels. Our products and services are also designed to meet the needs of businesses - from the construction industry to aviation, chemicals to shipping.

On the road

Oil lubricants

Shell is a leading supplier of motor oils to all kinds of customers - including the current F1 Ferrari racing team. Using Shell Helix as a lubricant for your vehicle can give you the superior engine protection that Ferrari has come to depend on.

Solutions for businesses

Solutions for businesses

Shell prides itself on supplying your company with the quality products and customer service you've come to expect over the years. We aim to make doing business with us as smooth as possible, which is why we can offer a range of service solutions to make your operations run more efficiently.

New Shell Lubricants Portfolio

Shell is proud to launch a new simplified portfolio of Industrial products and transmission, axle and gear fluids, as well as our motorcycle oils. This builds on the changes to the Shell Helix and Shell Rimula portfolios and will mean that Shell's portfolio is even more competitive in the priority market sectors to support future growth.

Shell Commercial Fuels

We serve a wide range of commercial customers supplying fuels to many industries, including transport, and construction.